CRAZYCREATIVECOOL is not just the coolest new wellness brand on the block, we are a commUNITY. We want to empower you to believe in your own creative energy, acknowledge your negative self talk + replace it with positive action! We're happy you're here, because the world needs what you've got.  
 Our mission is to create a new equilibrium between self-development + self-care, to support you in moving towards a growth mindset with tools that improve your overall well-being,  elevating your mindset + confidence, personal success + self-esteem. 


With a strong focus on creative minds, we offer a support system for young women with content and workshops based around building self esteem, overcoming limiting beliefs, networking, self care, goal setting and how to manage your mental wellness, whilst still being productive and career driven. 
In our shop you'll find everything you need to focus on your own journey; from habit trackers to help you reach your goals, wall planners for wellness + creative planning, cute stickers to remind you to be good to yourself and more! Need that extra accountability? Utilise our coaching sessions for some seriously transformational support.

Our intention is to create a safe space for you to grow and self-develop. 

As human beings living in the current tech obsessed world which demands every second of our ever shortening attention span, our minds can be greatly affected by comparison and unrealistic expectations, whether it's because we don't look like someone we see online, have their relationship, their job or their dog! Due to this, so many people suffer alone and in silence and feel like they can't accomplish anything, when inside there is this intense power waiting to be released! We all know the feeling of wanting to do so much, but day to day activities, personal struggles and of course our harsh opinions of ourselves can weigh on our minds like a heavy cloud, making it difficult for us to get anything done at all! Leading us straight back down that road of comparison and adding to feelings of low self worth. 

We've been there, got the tote bag and now we want to support you!



Two fellow creatives with a mission to provide productivity + wellness tools for creatives worldwide. We know all too well that creative minds tend to survive instead of thrive (especially with the constant pressures to create and the effects of comparison). We believe it’s possible to reach your creative potential while allowing your wellness to flow, with the right tools, support + space to grow.

As founders we’ve been through our share of mental and physical health issues and we strongly believe the non-stop nature of the creative mind needs time and tools to unwind, rejuvenate and reset. Both dealing with chronic illness [endometriosis] day to day, wellness is the priority for us, to ensure we have energy reserved for creativity and doing what we love; helping others. 

We started this platform to offer a space for creatives to discuss everything from mental health, to burn out, overwhelm, self-sabotage + creative slumps. The focus + conversations will stay the same but in 2022 and beyond, we'll be offering more holistic products created to nurture your mind and body, on top of new + improved versions of our journals, frameworks + workshops that you guys always found useful in the past.
If you haven’t yet managed to get to a workshop, we’re excited to announce that we will be popping up all over the UK from 2022, not just London + Manchester! 
We're also expanding the team over the course of 2022, to help spread the word of creative wellness to more communities far + wide, so if you think you’d be a great writer, workshop facilitator or just want to get involved, keep your eyes peeled! 👁



Sy is a creative consultant & psychotherapist in training. She started her career in the fashion industry as a stylist, eventually becoming the creative director of a successful fashion brand. After struggling with health and burnout, she rebranded as a freelance business consultant + wellness writer, with work published in magazines such as Happiful and working with small business owners to develop business strategies, branding and product launches. Recently, she became a new mum to beautiful miracle daughter against all odds of endo 

Gaby is a certified Life Coach as well as freelance creative. She has worked across the media industry over the last ten years, beginning at Channel 4 Television in Industry Talent Recruitment, moving into Reprezent Radio, to then being a part of the Gorillaz artist management team, touring the world + working on exciting album campaigns. Gaby left the full time hustle + bustle early 2021, to co-found CCC and launch Power Moves Coaching, while continuing to freelance in Music + TV, working with the likes of Kano + Damon Albarn, and brands such as Guinness, Samsung, Ted Baker + more.