1. Procrastination is your middle name
  2. You sometimes care a little bit too much about what other people think about you, your work and what you do
  3. You can find yourself in a fog of negative thoughts and find it hard to clear your mind
  4. You're tired. All the time (!). Yep even after that power nap.
  5. You have intense creative energy and ideas about what you want to do / create / change in your life but end up cleaning out your room for 5 hours before giving up and binge watching Netflix all night till 2am.
  6. You sometimes feel alone and like no one else understands your mind and the struggles you face. How does everyone else do it?!

If you're reading this, we know you KNOW you have power. You know you have a purpose. You know you're special. And you know you have something incredible to share with the world. Okay, you might not be able to summarise it in a sentence right now, but you feel it. Right there. 

All of the above is pretty much proof why it's so vital to look after YOU and prioritise your wellness. Want to help others? Focus on helping yourself. Want to change the world? Focus on changing yourself (not all of you, just the bits that could do with more self confidence / care / love.) We can do so much for the world, our friends and family when we are offering love and support from a grounded and resilient space. Looking after yourself + putting yourself first IS NOT selfish. We got your back bestie!

This community was built for and by people like YOU - we share the passion, creativity and a vision to live life on your own terms, with the determination to create your own happiness and take back your power from situations you know aren't good for you. These situations could be external or internal - self sabotage is real!!

With us in your corner, you'll learn how to focus on building a growth mindset to build the inner strength you need to accomplish anything you want to. Don't forget, the human brain is just like a muscle - we need to train it to GROW! Focusing on a growth mindset with a holistic self care approach is key to our mission. This isn't the pink and fluffy self care you might see on IG (although those feel-good posts have their purpose) this is the inner WORK you need to do to really make changes. It's not easy, but we promise it's worth it.

We genuinely believe that we are all constantly growing and this growth needs to be nurtured, so we can flourish